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Someone finally giffed it. But LOOK AT THIS FIGHT. Honestly the Winter Soldier was far more on his back heel fighting Natasha than he was Steve this scene. First off, if he hadn’t managed to throw his hand up quickly, she would have garrotted him. She’s literally half his size (he throws her like a rag doll when he finally is able to get a hold of her) and she has him more at a disadvantage than Steve does, who is bigger than him. Next she shorts out his cyber arm (and I assume he has to electrocute himself to pull the thing off). By that second to the last gif his facial expression isn’t even stone cold killer any more, it’s more “REALLY??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” It’s the most human his eyes look up until Steve starts setting off his programing.

We talk about Steve and Bucky going toe to toe, but the one who really has the Winter Soldier’s number for most of their fight is Natasha.