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kyungsooskhakipants:100 Days My Prince x Early…


100 Days My Prince x Early Interview // 6 years later and ksoo is still haunted by the ‘Magnificent Orchestra’ incident

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[PANN] EXO D.O. who might be scolded by Hair s…


D.O.’s distinct habit of pushing his hair back

He pushes it nonchalantly but still handsome

It’s his habit other than biting fingernails

If you keep pushing you hair like that with your pretty face!!!…

I will be grateful

Cannot drop it on radio schedules as well..

Kyungsoo-ya you’ll get scolded by hair stylist, she already set your hair!

But actually he looks more handsome

He’s recently killing his fans with this

I love this habit of Kyungsoo I’m falling for him again and again

This gif is the end of everything. This is it.

(Dead men tells no tales. Therefore I cannot speak further)

Post Response [+319, -18]

1. [+50, -1] I’m dying everytime he touches his hair ㅇ-<-<

2. [+45, -0] What a great habit you have there ⊙♥⊙

3. [+41, -0] …..dead

4. [+25, -0] It’s fine to get scolded he’s doing a better job

5. [+21, -0] How can he look like that? Personally I think he has the best aura among idols.. he has unique aura

6. [+17, -0] Wow handsome, exo members are all handsome

7. [+14, -0] I really like it.. there’s something special about him that attracts me



dazzlingkai: cute smile ~


cute smile ~



181012 😘

(credit: ‪@redberry921127)

So precious.