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and you all ask why MLSHR trashes can’t move on

I know right?


and, god, i wish i’d fallen with you

I miss them


Moon Lovers Anniversary Week
↳ Day 3: A Song that fits Wang So

You’re just like a butterfly 
From afar, I steal glances
If we touch hands, will I lose you?

— BTS, “Butterfly”


[ Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1st Anniversary Appreciation Week ]

Day 3: 

A Song that fits Wang So

만약에 봄이 사라진다고 해도
여전히 기억 할 수 있을 것 같아
널 생각 할 때마다
그날이 보이니까

Even if spring disappears,
I still think I can remember.
Every time I think of you,
I see that day.

Standing Egg – First Love

Not because love changed Wang So, but because it allowed him to become the person he’s always wanted to be – in love and loved in return.


#SHRWEEK: Day 1 – A Poem

j. p. berame // caveats // no. 071916


MLSHR Anniversary Week: Day 2 — favorite parallel

SoSoo + prayer stones location

ep 12 // ep 14 // ep 18 // ep 20

– Let’s go to the prayer tower together

 Prayer tower?

– I want to tell you something


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1st Anniversary Appreciation Week
↳ Day 1: A Poem for SoSoo

It is of no importance
that an eternity with her
would still be too short;
what matters is
that she makes the smallest of moments
worth an infinity.

— time // j.d.m.


#shrweek: one poem


 Capturing girl’s heart since forever ♡



“Do you want to know what they say in my… hometown when a couple gets married?” she murmured. She thought of the many friends whose weddings she went to, and who would not be born for a thousand years.

“What do they say?”

Solemnity fell over her. This isn’t how it’s done here, in this time, but still…

Soo straightened once more to stare into dark brown irises. She took both his hands in hers, clutching them firmly.

“I, Hae Soo… take Wang So –”

The Fourth Prince’s eyes widened as his full name left her lips for the first time. She smiled at him shyly and his answering smile lit up his whole face.

“– to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward.” Soo felt the weight of every word as if speaking them aloud carved them into her very heart. “I swear to love, honor and cherish you…”

Soo squeezed his hands and the prince squeezed back just as tightly.

“… now and forevermore, till death do us part.”

@krysyuy, Now & Forevermore, a Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo fanfiction